all antibiotic resistant P. aeruginosa

John Gentile yjgent at home.com
Wed Jul 11 16:47:26 EST 2001

Get a consult with an infectious disease doctor and see if you can order
some synergy studies. If you place 2 disks close together on a Kirby-Bauer
plate you might see that each antibiotic shows resistance, but between the 2
disks there is a zone of inhibition. An infectious disease doc should be
able to advise which 2 antibiotics to try.

Also since this is in the kidney you might want to try some of the urinary
formulas of the quinalones. Even if the in vitro tests show resistance you
might be able to get a high enough concentration where it belongs. Even
nitrofurantonin might work. Again an infectious disease doc can advise.

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> Hi guys
> My patient is suffered from acute pyelonephritis caused by P. aeruginosa
> which is resistant to all antibiotics including ceftazidime, aztreonam,
> piperacillin, all aminoglycosides and, oh my God, imipenem. His platelet
> count is declining now.
> Please advise me what to do, what is the best regimen of antibiotics.......
> He is dying now.

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