Localization of pitch in the brain?

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Sun Jul 15 17:40:46 EST 2001

Kalman Rubinson <kr4 at nyu.edu> wrote in message news:<1uj3lt0enbh0o7nljsdiegi1t2upgido3b at 4ax.com>...
> On 14 Jul 2001 17:38:13 -0700, tarantism99 at yahoo.com (gg) wrote:
> >Hello everyone,
> >
> >I am interested in any research pertaining to the localization of
> >pitch in the human brain.  Specifically, I am looking for any studies
> >relating localized neural activity to the perception of musical notes,
> >or even better, to imagined/internalized musical notes.  I understand
> >that Broca's and Brodmann's areas have been implicated in musical
> >perception, 
> Broca's area is more likely related to the generation of speech than
> it is to pitch perception.  There is no Brodmann's area, per se, but
> the numbered Brodmann's areas are all the various regions of the
> cortex.

I had read somewhere that Brodmann's areas 18 & 19 were related to
musical cognition, as they were responsible for higher level creative
processes.  I would also think that speech and musical perception
would be closely related, no?

> >but I have been unable to find any good online resources. 
> >Can anyone point me in the right direction?
> Try a basic Neuroscience textbook.
> Kal
> >

Well, I'm really hoping to find something online, since I really don't
have the money for a text book...

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