Localization of pitch in the brain?

Kalman Rubinson kr4 at nyu.edu
Sun Jul 15 21:33:44 EST 2001

On 15 Jul 2001 15:40:46 -0700, tarantism99 at yahoo.com (gg) wrote:

>I had read somewhere that Brodmann's areas 18 & 19 were related to
>musical cognition, as they were responsible for higher level creative
>processes.  I would also think that speech and musical perception
>would be closely related, no?

YOu misunderstand what Brodmann's areas mean.  Broca's area is also
Brodmann's areas 44,45.  And no, pitch perception may be related
functionally to speech generation but they are far from the same

I reiterate:  Get a textbook.



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