Localization of pitch in the brain?

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> On 15 Jul 2001 15:40:46 -0700, tarantism99 at yahoo.com (gg) wrote:
> >I had read somewhere that Brodmann's areas 18 & 19 were related to
> >musical cognition, as they were responsible for higher level
> >processes.  I would also think that speech and musical perception
> >would be closely related, no?
> YOu misunderstand what Brodmann's areas mean.  Broca's area is also
> Brodmann's areas 44,45.  And no, pitch perception may be related
> functionally to speech generation but they are far from the same
> thing.
> I reiterate:  Get a textbook.

2nd that motion.
Brodmann's 18 &19 are in visual cortex.
Notion that _any_ regions are "responsible for higher processes" ?

Alas... 'Many miles' to go.
Please, Kal-- start with the textbook.


> Kal

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