Brain Damage, When and How?

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> When I was dx'd with Asperger's syndrome the pyscologist said that I
> also have sustained some brain damage in infancy which accounted for
some of
> my additional lerning problems.
> I have speculated long and hard about how this might have happened.
> My parents are no longer alive to tell me whether my birth was in
any way
> unusaul, all I know is that at 7 months old I was rushed into
hospital as my
> lips had turned blue, It was pneumonia and I guess that I might have
> starved of oxygen at this point as I was immediatly put into an
oxygen tent.
> Could this have caused lasting damage ?

The bad news is that anoxic conditions can easily cause brain damage.
The good news is that at 7 m/o, there is far more plasticity than
later on, and recoveries from anoxic events suffered in infancy are
typically far more complete than those suffered later on in life.

As to the root cause, or causes, of your Asperger's symptomology, we
could go with the statistics, which provide no information about what
_actually_ happened with *you,* or we could go with the fact that
absent any definitive determination, such as not-yet known genetic
markers, (though there are canditates, IIRC), you might not get to
know what brought on the problems.

However, even if we knew of definitive gene markers, this might not
definitively tell us, it seems,
as 'nurture' and 'nature' are seldom totally separable as causes.

Sorry not to be of more help. You may never truly know, no more than I
may ever truly know the root cause of my ADD (still mildly present
after 50 years), my OCD (gone by my early twenties), or my Tourette's
(which I still have traces of). Though there was real madness in my
parents, and an hypoxic perinatal event, I've at times wondered as to
the cause of my own disorders.
Currently working in visual neurophysiological lab-- brain level
stuff, ('local' V1 circuits) and not currently tackling me own
disorders, though at times they impede my industriousness.

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> Larry
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