Connecting mind vs machine. (To Yan.King.Yin)

yan king yin (at dot) y.k.y.lycos.com at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Sat Jul 21 13:05:09 EST 2001

Hello Brian, sorry for disappearing for nearly a month.
I've been thinking about re-programming the brain and
i agree that it is far more important than just connecting
it to some gadgets. I've written a very short paper on a
large-scale brain theory, but am still working on one
section. Its very exhausting!! I'll post the draft here
in maybe 1-2 days.

As for the neural interface project, i will also keep
working on it. But i guess it will take some time for
people to think about it and see if they are interested.

see you then!!

"yan king yin" <y.k.y(at)lycos(dot)com> skrev i melding
news:9hhp1n$lk1 at imsp212.netvigator.com...
> Hi.. I've been busy reading up materials =)

Good for you :)

> The patch clamping makes use of a microelectrode that is made of glass.
> It is very fine but i think the current "lithographic" technology based
> on silicon can achieve about the same fineness, if not more. And that
> limit is being pushed down at a steady rate. (The current benchmark is
> at ~50 nanometer.)

That is great achievements !!

> The integrated circuit approach is also especially suitable for sampling
> lots of neurons at once.
> Secondly, reprogramming the neuron is a very interesting idea. In theory,
> the brain can continually create new synapses while forgeting the past.
> For some reason i believe the remote past is located closer to the nuclei,
> whereas growth of axons and dendrites usually occur at the growth cones.
> What is most critical is an understanding of the brains mechanisms, and
> then the technology can reprogram it ... I think neuroscience today is
> quite close to understanding it.
> About biological vs machine, I am of the opinion that machines have more
> potentials because they can be designed more easily. Whereas with biol
> one can only reproduce or slightly modify nature.

Thanks for your reply, Yan.
How are you quest for reasearch-grants/money going ?
I read your webpage and proposal, and it seems very interesting.


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