Robert Gurk bob.g at gmx.de
Mon Jul 23 09:15:33 EST 2001


only recently I've come across a paper by Gratton & Fabiani [*], 
describing the event related optical signal (EROS). What I've 
been reading up to now, sounds phantastic: high temporal AND 
high spatial resolution. I also would think that this technique 
should be quite cheap (in comparison to fmri, e.g.).
Any thoughts on EROS here? Any experience? Can you buy it?



* Gratton, G. & Fabiani, M. (1998). Dynamic brain imaging: 
event-related optical signal (EROS) measures of the time course 
and localization of cognitive-related activity. Psychonomic 
Bulletin & Review, 5(4), 535-563.

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