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Matt Jones jonesmat at physiology.wisc.edu
Tue Jul 24 09:37:56 EST 2001

craigallen1983 at hotmail.com (Craig Allen) wrote in message news:<3b5ae839.5081663 at news.cable.ntlworld.com>...
> Hi, i'm a newbie, and I am currently designing a website with articles
> on various aspects of neuroscience at different reader levels. I am 18
> yrs old and am going to study neuroscience next yr at university.  
> I was wondering if anybody had any images or photographs of the brain
> which i could use on my site?
> Thanks very much
> C Allen


Try a google search for "brain image database". You'll find lots of
sites with brain images. However, you should -contact- the various
webmasters and ask permission before using any of those images on your

It would be great if you can post the URL of your website here when
it's ready.



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