Neural Representations of Trajectories

MEShinder meshinder at aol.com
Wed Jul 25 09:51:17 EST 2001

In article <ktZ67.9$e%4.207 at news3.oke.nextra.no>, "Brian" <zhil at online.no>

>It would seem that the neural positioning-system
>would have the brain as the center, more specific the vestibular
>apparatus and the semicircular canals..........

I might point out that there are two sets of these bilaterally, but in any
event that puts you back at a head centered coordinate system. The vestibular
system at its heart is a motion detector. I would look elsewhere for a neural
system that contained an animal centric "center" representation. Probably
something connecting the hippocampus and the anterodorsal thalamic nucleus, but
that's just wild speculation on my part.

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