Visual perturbance while jogging

emooky emooky at popsmail.com
Tue Jul 31 18:54:19 EST 2001

Hi Sir,

I wonder if my advice could help.
First of all, the duration of that images is how long?
Second, do you have any kind of headache especially migraine?
Third, is there any throuble when car-driving or sight-seeing, in other
words, any problem in your visual field?
Fourth, is there any other neurological symptoms such as gait disturbances?

When stong light damper the retina, the rod cells fire excessively so the
image that is produced by retinal cell can persist for seconds or minutes.
But the images that persist is not produced by strong light, that phenomenon
is called "palinopsia" which is known as a symptom of CJD, recovering state
from cortical blindness, brain tumor, ischemia, trauma, arteriovenous
malformation, multiple sclerosis, or cerebral vasculitis.

I recommend you to resort to neurologist in vicinity as soon as possible if
you think your problem is abnormal.

Be good.
DH Kim, M.D. from Korea.

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