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Fausto gavilan at tiscalinet.it
Sat Jun 2 18:29:17 EST 2001

I look for sanitary information of circle neurological and hypophysial
neuropatological, and of inside medicine.
Want I to know the scientific name of that which they in this country come
generally definite "flies or butterflies of the blood," a kind of bugs that
they would develop the function of distribute uniform the hormones from the
pituitary to the brain in manner? Do they be known of the harmful effects,
does a simpler method exist for administer it, beyond to the rather bloody
and anxious "cloud from the helicopter"?. I wonder am indeed effective or
they are known alternative methods. They exist other "infections" able to
develop analogous function without harmful effect any. What they are with
precision the limits of this practice? What subjects and what do clinical
cases have faced with this care? Than does he come reduced the intellect
quotient and is it true that does there be earned in the historical memory,
and in the vision of the reality of together? Is there once of
effectiveness, and as these "butterflies" do they influence with the sexual
What does she mean the so-called condition two, and what they are the limits
of that physical state?
What affinity do they have with the diabetes? I, taming, if I could receive
ulterior infomation news. I am thinking warmly of occupy me seriously of my
problem! How do I can change the concentration in the blood flow and in the

Yours sincerely
Fausto Uccello

Fausto Uccello
Via Gaeta., 32
00040 Ardea - Nuova Florida.
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