Overriding reflex arc

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Mon Jun 4 14:46:06 EST 2001

Ben Tristem <news at tristem.net> wrote in message news:vJPS6.123788$PP3.10564417 at nnrp3.clara.net...
> possibility for descending "over-ride," such as volitionally conditioning
> yourself that you will not withdraw from the stimulus. In this case, the
> reflex arc is still present, but it is being volitionally suppressed. Under
> such conditions, are we still dealing with a reflex, or have we now moved
> into the realm of a consciously controlled event? "

Why would one wish mutual exclusivity?

How about: "modulated reflex"   ?


BTW, a rather good amount of surplus meaning can be found
salted among discussion at the link you posted below:       ;~)
> here: http://www.phil.vt.edu/ASSC/newman/grace4.html

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