The Psychopharmacology of Herbal Medicine

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The Psychopharmacology of Herbal Medicine
Marcello Spinella, Ph.D.

The use of plants to treat illness and create psychological effects are
ancient practices, but scientific developments in the past few decades allow
us to now look at these phenomena in a different way. As our understanding
of the nervous system advances, so does our understanding of the
psychoactive drugs that alter it.  Much of alternative and complementary
medicine is criticized for a lack of empirical research, but there is a
wealth of research done on plant medicines. This book organizes and
integrates all of the different forms of research on this topic.
Health care practitioners will find this useful to help them anticipate how
these herbs will interact with their patients' illnesses and medications.
This book details the chemical constituents, mechanisms, and physiological
effects of psychoactive plant drugs, and information is given on any
controlled clinical trials which address issues of safety and efficacy.
Researchers in this field will also benefit from the broad summary of data
collected here, encompassing the diverse fields of biochemistry,
pharmacology, physiology, cognition and behavior.

Available June 15, 2001.
MIT Press

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