Is it possible to read someone's mind?

yan king yin (at dot) y.k.y.lycos.com at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Mon Jun 4 15:44:56 EST 2001

"Brian" <zhil at online.no>:

> Why not consentrate on genetic engineering of cells ?
> You could in effect program those axons (output) and dendrites (input) to
> connect
> with the electronics via specially grown cells.
> Just my 2?cents...................for what it's worth.
> Hmmm, come to think of it, bacteries ARE nano-technology :)
> Mvh
> Brian

Your suggestion is good, though I dont know much about genetic engineering.
>From my understanding of gene therapy, it takes a viral vector to introduce
new genes into the target cells and this poses the problem of immune response.

More importantly, I think that many bio structures in the adult are "fixed"
during the course of development;  Genetic engineering cannot just create
some novel structures out of nowhere.  It might be more useful for cloning
or making better babies.

But i think ultimately the techniques of genetic engineering and hybrid
systems (bio + electronic) will be complementary.  Also, the way the neurons
grow can be modified by growth factors and other substances that regulate
gene expression.  This is an area of great potential.

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