Is it possible to read someone's mind?

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> Your suggestion is good, though I dont know much about genetic
> From my understanding of gene therapy, it takes a viral vector to
> new genes into the target cells and this poses the problem of immune

If you have questions regarding viruses and it's commercial application, I'd
recommend you to contact Glaxo Wellcome Research and
Two researchers; Christopher.J.A.Ring and Edward.B.Blair; editors of the
"Genetically Engineered Viruses: Developement and Applications" were they
discusses various vectors.
they mentioned this problem of the immune response, but they have several
that will work on humans/animals or plants.

> More importantly, I think that many bio structures in the adult are
> during the course of development;  Genetic engineering cannot just create
> some novel structures out of nowhere.  It might be more useful for cloning
> or making better babies.

You are right that the cells are "fixed" in adults.
I thought about combined electronics and biology.
To grow the cells BEFORE the implantation.
Of course the subject has to donate cell-tissue (immune-response), and
the cells could be a) grown while attached to electronics, or b) grown
beforehand and then attached after the growth-periode.

> But i think ultimately the techniques of genetic engineering and hybrid
> systems (bio + electronic) will be complementary.  Also, the way the
> grow can be modified by growth factors and other substances that regulate
> gene expression.  This is an area of great potential.

I had some hilarious thoughts about implanted _cellular_ phones....LOL !!
But you're right about the potential; but I have one question.
Extended vision from the ultra-violet to the infra-red zone.
Is it possible to "train" the brain to adapt to such vision by "squeezing"
the Extended
visual zone into what we have now (normal visual zone) ?
I suspect there would be modifications to such a 'crackpot' idea.
Basically there is no limits to what could be done.
Just my thoughts...

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