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yan king yin (at dot) y.k.y.lycos.com at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Thu Jun 7 04:10:47 EST 2001

Sorry .. I've made a mistake about the usage of the proposed device.
I think i should post a quick one to correct it first:

The retinal ganglion cells send axons to the visual cortex;  If the optic
nerve is severed then the distal end will immediately start to deteriorate.
Only the proximal end (the end with the cell nuclei) will survive and
perhaps regenerate axons.  The device that i suggest *cannot* be used to
connect the optic nerve with electronics.  It is intended to connect out-
-going fibers (ie motor neurons) to electronics.  ie. it might be useful
for quadriplegics but not for restoring vision.  My apologies!!

I will explain the details of this device soon.  I cant guarantee that
it can be built but theoretically it seems possible.

To make a connector for afferent (in-coming) fibers (from sensory neurons)
is probably much more difficult and i dont have any idea yet.

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