Is it possible to read someone's mind?

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> <big snip>
>  but I have one question.
> > Extended vision from the ultra-violet to the infra-red zone.
> > Is it possible to "train" the brain to adapt to such vision by
> "squeezing"
> > the Extended visual zone into what we have now (normal visual zone) ?
> I haven't the foggiest notion what this "Extended" vision you've dreamed
> about is supposed to be.

Did I ask you ? No.
And why respond and waste your time ?
I was thinking of 'retraining' the visual parts in the brain, adapting them
to recieve
information from visual stimulus; ie CCD's or other light-receiving devices.
Think of it as connecting the video-camera directly to your brain, but gives
information than we're capable of today.

> The constraint is at the level of the retina, specifically, at the level
> of
> absorption of pigments, i.e., of the rhodopsin molecules.

Did I mention anything when the question is about connecting electronics to
the brain ? No, so you are flawed in your reasoning.

> Meanwhile, there have been attempts to modify the absorption
> characteristics
> of visual pigments.
> ...a recent paper:
> http://fly.hiwaay.net/~pspoole/echres.html#newsarticles

Yes yes, boring !!!!
That is nothing NEW.

> > I suspect there would be modifications to such a 'crackpot' idea.
> A fair start would be disposal.

Disposal of you by *plonking* you came to my mind right now.

> > Basically there is no limits to what could be done.
> As long as you need not root your ideas in actual structures, sure !

R.I.P in my killfile, moron.

> > Just my thoughts...
> > Sincerely,
> > Brian
> Have fun !
> -maxwell


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