Is it possible to read someone's mind?

Brian zhil at online.no
Fri Jun 8 16:18:37 EST 2001

"maxwell" <mmmaxwell at hotmail.com> skrev i melding
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> > I haven't the foggiest notion what this "Extended" vision you've dreamed
> > about is supposed to be.

> Did I ask you ? No.
And why respond and waste your time ?

It's a newsgroup for neuroscience. Occasionally, actual neuroscientists post
This apparently disturbs you, poor dear.

Are you one of the trained neuroscientists ?
I don't think so............
No, it doesn't disturb me, as I'm asking THEM about possibilities,
commercially available
in the near future (IE beyound 2009).

> I was thinking of 'retraining' the visual parts in the brain, adapting
> to recieve information from visual stimulus; ie CCD's or other
light-receiving devices.
> Think of it as connecting the video-camera directly to your brain, but
> more information than we're capable of today.

How will you know how to connect ? You float grandiose ideas,
and have in fact no notion of actual neurophysiology.

And do you have any suggestions ?
If not, refrain from answering........
Your wasting YOUR time and resources if you think I'm a 'nitwit'.
Besides I didn't ask YOU.
How many times do I have to tell you ?

Here you're about to display what one fool does when caught with his
stupid mouth open.

I see you're projecting.................pity.

WRT to your cockeyed idea about UV & IR vision, I'd said:
> > The constraint is at the level of the retina, specifically, at the level
> > of absorption of pigments, i.e., of the rhodopsin molecules.
> Did I mention anything when the question is about connecting electronics
> the brain ? No, so you are flawed in your reasoning.

No, snide one, you are flawed in your reading comprehension-- even of your
own text.

Now you're lying, or you're an even greater imbecile than I thought.
What I expressed was speculation.
I know perfectly well the limitations of the absorbtion-pigments.
I was thinking of something else, not about using biological solutions to
the problem, but
to use ELECTRONIC solutions.
I'm obviously not a neuro-scientist as I AM asking for possibilities and
My field is electronics.
You field is bogus and bullshitting, and if you can't answer a question
directly -you're
snipping like the coward you are.

You had wondered:

> >  but I have one question.
> > > Extended vision from the ultra-violet to the infra-red zone.

I'd said:

> > The constraint is at the level of the retina, specifically, at the level
> > of absorption of pigments, i.e., of the rhodopsin molecules.
The, WRT the notion, I'd offered:
> > Meanwhile, there have been attempts to modify the absorption
> > characteristics of visual pigments.
> > ...a recent paper:
> > http://fly.hiwaay.net/~pspoole/echres.html#newsarticles
> Yes yes, boring !!!!
> That is nothing NEW.

Of course it's boring to you-- must be some excellent stuff you take.

When I said it was boring, it was because I have read this a long time ago.
So even an tronics-huy like me know something of this field.
And no, I don't do you're kind of stuff, if it means stuffing things in your
rectum or
doing LSD.

> > > Basically there is no limits to what could be done.
> >
> > As long as you need not root your ideas in actual structures, sure !
> R.I.P in my killfile, moron.

Well, I'm done.

PS.I forgot to killfile you as I had a lot of other stuff to do, but I'll do
it now, promise.

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