Is it possible to read someone's mind?

maxwell mmmaxwell at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 8 17:11:11 EST 2001

I'm not interested in flame war with a Heathkit moron on drugs, but I'll indulge you.
For now.

1. You never troubled to explain what your cracked notion entailed.
2. You offered ad hominem insults in reply to my ridiculing absurd ideas.
3. You lied about killfiling, turd brain.
4. I work with neuroanatomical tracers and electrophysiological micro-electrode
    insertions in primary visual cortex of fully anesthetized animals. Colleagues
    in the adjacent lab do molecular investigations of retina. This is actual neuroscience.
    We've got four EEs on the floor our lab's on, if our own stupid neurophysiological brains need
    answers to questions as difficult as the professors who flunked you might ask.

5. I suggest you provide a personal ground link for high amperage current.

Good bye, punk. Remember your promise.


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