Mentifex AI in JavaScript and Mind.Forth for Robots

Arthur T. Murray uj797 at victoria.tc.ca
Sat Jun 9 07:39:33 EST 2001

Although any highly activated mindcore psi concept may cause
"Ideation()" to call "Think()", the interactive Subject-Verb-
Object (S-V-O) algorithm must immediately go back into "Psi" and
force the proper spread of activation so that the "English()"
syntax module may correctly generate a sentence of thought.

Thus the sudden visual glimpse of something may generate a
thought, but the thought must be grammatically correct.

Now, which module of mind is available to do the work of
spreading the mindcore psi activation, or do we need to introduce
a special module?

If we are not sure, we may introduce an almost duplicate copy of
a pre-existing function, and then later eliminate the variant
function in favor of the original function.

Now we have uncoupled "aLife()" from "Think()" and we have let
"Ideation()" call "Think()" if a mindcore psi concept is found to
have an activation higher than twenty.

We typed in, "You bug me," and the AI correctly answered, "I bug

However, the residual activations are "16" for "I", "14" for "BUG",
and "12" for "YOU", so therefore "Ideation()", not finding any
mindcore psi activation over twenty, does not continue the chain
of thought by calling "Think()" again.

I am tempted to save this "9jun01A.html" version as a worthy
milestone and then to experiment a little in a "9jun01B.html"
version.  We could lower the "Ideation()" triggering level and
see if we achieve a chain reaction of thought, kind of like
Enrico Fermi with his nuclear reactor at the University of
Chicago in the Manhattan Project during World War Two.

Arthur T. Murray
http://victoria.tc.ca/~uj797/jsaimind.html JavaScript AI;
http://www.angelfire.com/nf/vision/mjava.html Mind.JAVA;
http://www.scn.org/~mentifex/mind4th.html Mind.Forth AI;
http://www.virtualentity.com/mind/vb/ Visual Basic Mind

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