Did Solomon Snyder write, or edit a book called 'Neuroscience'?

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Sun Jun 10 10:02:35 EST 2001

"John Leonard" <johnrleonard at excite.com> wrote in message
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> Forgive me for asking this question again but I didn't get any replies to
> first post. I worked, for about a year, at the Center for Molecular and
> Behavioral Neurosciences at Rutgers Newark as a programmer in 1989. During
> the summer of that year a student intern had a book called 'Neuroscience'
> which I briefly examined. Solomon Snyder I think, authored it. If this
> exists, I am trying to find it. If you have any information, please let me
> know.
> Thank You,
> John Leonard

There are many books called "Neuroscience" and many in which Solomon
Snyder has written, contributed,or edited.  Amazon.com has 64 entry for
Solomon Snyder, none of them being a general "neuroscience" book.  They
all tend to be more specialized works on neuropharamacology or on
particular drugs.

But you can easily get all the info you want on Dr. Solomon, and can
check out his own web page at

What in particular were you interested in?  It is unlikely that you remember
correctly about that particular book, but if you ask on a particular
someone might well be able to give you some good citations.

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