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> > > Just a few more details -- the human genome is not really
> > > decoded.  But probably all the parts that really count have been.
> > > There are technical reasons why two particular regions of each
> > > chromosome can't be decoded but these regions almost certainly
> > > don't code for any genes.  And what we have now is still called a
> > > "draft".
> >
> > Good points. I tried to keep the reply within
> > constraints-of-comprehension
> > as suggested by the inquirer's prose.
> You are right and your answer was well phrased to accord with
> the tone of the original query.  That is why I, too, didn't try
> to explain about telomeres and stuff.  It is just that I think that
> people have to understand that the genome story is just barely
> started -- it is not at all "completely decoded".
For which point I am grateful. Though I avoided an excess of detail,
I neglected to spell out what was fully implied .

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