REM Sleep And Learning

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> Thanks for citing the references. Both papers show evidence that there
> is consolidation during sleep, but the results may be confounded by a
> general decline in performance due to lack of sleep. Anyways, Im
> thinking how to incorperate these findings into my theory about
> After considering the phenomenon of "rebound" (lack of sleep
> by sleeping more later), it seems that sleep may consist of both
> and elimination of synaptic connections. Thus rebound means that too
> synapses have accumulated that need to be cleared up.
> Any thoughts? =)

Rebound *may* relate to 'clean up' but this notion would not be
supported by
one of activity-maintained (as in Hebbian) connectivity. Rebound sleep
has much higher density of REM activity-- more likely for making then
as it were.


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