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> Re: Using ESP to score well on college tests
> maxwell wrote:
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> > Dan Pressnell <dan_pressnell at yahoo.com> wrote in message
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> > > Hi, everybody.
> > >
> > > Somebody told me a story about two college students who aced
an exam by
> > > using ESP and getting the answers from the professor.  He said
if I come to
> > > this newsgroup (bionet.neuroscience) I could get an
authoritative citation
> > > to back that up.
> > >
> > > Thanks in advance!
> > >
> > > Dan
> >
> > More likely you'll get requests to supply support for such a
> > Presuming, of course, that you are as trusting of 'somebody' as
> > you claim here to be, why might not such amazing news be
> > heralded in the popular press?
> He is more likely to be trolling to create a cross posted flame
> between people in bionet.neuroscience and paranormalists in
> alt.paranormal. Dan Pressnell has been trolling our newsgroup
> for years now. He tried that before and nobody from the other
> group actually took the bait.

Okay. I'm cross-posting to both groups to acknowledge-- I overlooked
the cross-posting
when I initially replied. As I've no knowledge of paranormal
activities, I will refrain from
further comment, as neuroscience folks decidedly have no time for
flames, and if paranormalists haven't heard of what Dan claims to
seek, then why would neuroscientists be likely candidates?

Followups set to alt.paranormal.

Thanks-- apologies for posting earlier,
 before sufficient caffeine was on-board the wetware.


> [NOTE]
> To preserve valuable time to engage in serious debates with
> paranormalists on various newsgroups, I have recently come to
> the decision of greatly cutting back on the number of replies
> to various people who attempt to take me out of context and troll.

Yep. Good idea.
Need neither neuroscience nor paranormal knowledge to get with that.
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