Using ESP to score well on college tests

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Dan Pressnell <dan_pressnell at yahoo.com> wrote in message
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> "Flagship1 of the Paranormal" <paranormal at flagship1.com> wrote in
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> > He is more likely to be trolling to create a cross posted flame
> > between people in bionet.neuroscience and paranormalists in
> > alt.paranormal. Dan Pressnell has been trolling our newsgroup
> > for years now. He tried that before and nobody from the other
> > group actually took the bait.
> Sigh....
> If anybody is trying to start a flame war, it certainly isn't me.
I read
> this claim, and I was TOLD to go to bionet.neuroscience and check
with the
> people there, as they know about the incident.  So I did.  And
that's a
> "troll"?

Since you're not a troll, you can take it up with Flagship at
paranormal. I'm replying to that post, and setting followup to
<snipped comments directed to Flagship>>
If Flagship's comment WRT your attempts at sparking-up cross-posted
flames in the past are not pertinent to your post at neuro, you can
show this by NOT cross-posting. Please leave the followup be as it
is-- I'm sure that now that you've asked for info from here, that
anyone having such will gladly supply it. Discussion of _actual_
findings of such *could* go to cross-post, IF relevant.

Have patience-- this group is pretty quiet, of late, and it is
verrry arcane knowledge you seek.



> Dan

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