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Dan Pressnell wrote:
> "Flagship1 of the Paranormal" <paranormal at flagship1.com> wrote in message
> news:3B2CD603.A6E5F4F0 at flagship1.com...
> > He is more likely to be trolling to create a cross posted flame war
> > between people in bionet.neuroscience and paranormalists in
> > alt.paranormal. Dan Pressnell has been trolling our newsgroup
> > for years now. He tried that before and nobody from the other
> > group actually took the bait.
> Sigh....
> If anybody is trying to start a flame war, it certainly isn't me.  I read
> this claim, and I was TOLD to go to bionet.neuroscience and check with the
> people there, as they know about the incident.  So I did.  And that's a
> "troll"?
> And just WHERE have I tried such "trolling" in the past?
> This kind of outright lying is despicable!
> Dan

It is silly to see Flaggy (who is about to go on a National
Lampoon Flaggy Vacation x-country for a month) say that Dan
is a troll when he himself is a self admitted troll, perhaps
the largest alt.paranormal has ever seen.  Check out google
for references.  It further shatters Flaggy's reputation
that he is a self admitted "white lie" type of guy (many
more lies as well) (check google for further references) and
yet he feels that he is qualified to trash other people in
the group while standing tall and proud about his shit not

Yes, Flaggy needs this vacation and it is my sincerest hopes
that he returns a changed man, one that understands that we
are people with emotions, lives on/off the Internet, and
that the world has far more stunning beauty then he ever
imagined.  His current pathway of thinking that we are just
names on his monitor that are out to get him makes this a
very much needed vacation.

Have a wonderful trip, Flaggy.  Many places such as malls
(Mall of America in Bloomington Minnesota being one of them)
have Internet connections for like a couple of dollars for
15 minutes.  Please drop us a line in alt.paranormal and let
us know how your trip is going out there!  :)



Del R. Mulroy

Ponder this:
How can a cemetery raise it's burial charges and blame it on
the cost of living?!?

South Dakota Area Representative

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