About bionet

Richard Norman rsnorman at mediaone.net
Mon Jun 18 10:21:11 EST 2001

I wonder if many people using this news group have ever seen
the information at

There it claims that:

    BIOSCI is a set of electronic communication forums - the bionet
    USENET newsgroups and parallel e-mail lists - used by biological
    scientists worldwide. No fees are charged for the service. 

    BIOSCI promotes communication between professionals in the
    biological sciences. All postings to the newsgroups should be
    made in that spirit. While the general public may "listen in"
    to the discussions, these newsgroups are intended primarily
    for communications between researchers. There are other
    forums on Usenet such as sci.bio.misc for the asking and
    answering of biological questions from lay persons. 

I think, in the perspective of general education, the group should
be lenient on questions from the "general public" and especially
from students provided they deal with the material that
"professionals" and "researchers" consider part of neuroscience.

Would it be useful to compose some sort of "stock message" to
describe the purpose of bionet.neuroscience and to post it


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