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Brian zhil at online.no
Mon Jun 18 13:05:54 EST 2001

"Richard Norman" <rsnorman at mediaone.net> skrev i melding
news:H%oX6.39247$s12.1045588 at typhoon.mw.mediaone.net...
> I wonder if many people using this news group have ever seen
> the information at
>    http://www.bio.net/
> There it claims that:
>     BIOSCI is a set of electronic communication forums - the bionet
>     USENET newsgroups and parallel e-mail lists - used by biological
>     scientists worldwide. No fees are charged for the service.
>     BIOSCI promotes communication between professionals in the
>     biological sciences. All postings to the newsgroups should be
>     made in that spirit. While the general public may "listen in"
>     to the discussions, these newsgroups are intended primarily
>     for communications between researchers. There are other
>     forums on Usenet such as sci.bio.misc for the asking and
>     answering of biological questions from lay persons.

Thanks for the tip.
BTW; the researchers and scientists aren't posting
much here.................
How about the commercial spammers ?
Shouldn't they be banned as well ?
Brian [layman.......]

> I think, in the perspective of general education, the group should
> be lenient on questions from the "general public" and especially
> from students provided they deal with the material that
> "professionals" and "researchers" consider part of neuroscience.
> Would it be useful to compose some sort of "stock message" to
> describe the purpose of bionet.neuroscience and to post it
> periodically?

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