Variable nerve conduction velocity?

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> I'm interested to know how much activity-dependent variation in conduction
> velocity is exhibited by individual axons in the human nervous system
> (particularly in the CNS).
> There were a couple of papers published in the 80s (below) suggesting that
> activity dependent modulation of conduction velocity occurs in the normal
> brain.  I have been unable to find reference a similar effect in standard
> texts.  Is this a well established property of nerve cells or has this
> research since been discredited?
> If this effect has been noted, could velocity variation noticeably affect
> reaction times during adaptation?
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> References:
> Aston-Jones, G., Segal, M., & Bloom, F. E. (1980). Brain aminergic axons
> exhibit marked variability in conduction velocity. Brain Res, 195,
> George, S. A., Mastronarde, D. N., & Dubin, M. W. (1984). Prior activity
> influences the velocity of impulses in frog and cat optic nerve fibers.
> Brain Res, 304, 121-126.
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This is very interesting.  It certainly would wreak havoc with the
medial superior olive's ability to localize sound by measuring tiny
time differences between the two ears.  Or else the conduction
velocity changes track very accurately bilaterally!

Have you tried citation index searching on those articles?

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