Brain-Mind: Know Thyself!

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> Damn boyee.  Your a smooth operator.

Thank you, Roy. Good research demands good questions,
and minimal presumptions.

Understanding the products of research requires good logic.
That having been said, looking at brain slices gets boring
fast enough; though I'm glad to pitch in, the young ABD up at
the lab is a better hand with the sketches-- but even
that's going software, now. (NeuroLucida)

More to the topic, though-- Richard Norman was totally correct.
We've a loooong way to go before we've more than
hints as to how substrates are actually wired,
at least WRT higher levels-of-organization, necessary
for even raw perception as a pheomenological event,
let alone so as to reveal 'mind.'

Thus, the many 'grand syntheses' that are atimes offered,
would be best considered as philosophical excursions,
and 'twould be best, IMO, if _more_ attention was given to
the philosophy of how and why we do science, then to
the philosophy of 'essence'-- at least if demonstrable
knowledge is the goal.
This opinionated appeal toward pragmatism I offer,
is unabashedly *heuristic,* and not determinist.

> maxwell:
> ***
> Heh. Indeed. Also, three quotes from the snipped text:
> "  Your mind starts out as tabula rasa, "a clean slate."
> Classical Empiricism. Such is unproven.
> Actually, there are many phenomena which strongly suggest
> such is not so.
> On the 'front end' stands the fact that there are many
> non-environmentally determinate mental processes.
> 'Further along' in logical refutation is the fact that mind
> envisions events/existences _not_ derivable from environment,
> and in fact requires dissociation from environment to sustain.
> Such as Empiricism.
> " The brain is organized physically, but the mind is organized
logically. "
> There are logical processes, presented by 'mind.'
> Such does not satisfy claims of organizational *essence* for
> -- not if _logical_ argumentation is utilized.
>     " Who can say  which is the agent -- the cosmos organizing
> minds,  or mind organizing the cosmos?
> The Anthropic principle.
> Neglected in the previously cited *a priori* assertion(s).
> ;~)
> ****

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