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> I forgot...What was your take on those Microtubules?
> http://www.kurzweilai.net/articles/art0183.html?printable=1

Haven't digested the site yet, but it looks most promising, and many
of the references are engaging-- memory prompts toward ideas
that arose during past readings.
However, while under some writing deadlines this week
(subcortical attentional modulation substrates, and one WRT
prosopagnosia) I'll not be able to lend proper response
for at least 1-2 weeks, alas. (url bookmarked, with thanks!)

Quickly though, just one easy one from the page:

"Are such protozoa more intelligent than neurons?

Unquestionably-- *neurons* are not very intelligent.

> Even if some of the theory isn't sound...
> it was refreshing to realize that a neuron
> is not even close to a silicon logic gate in
> a computer...as popular opinion suggests.

Not in the least close to a logic gate, as
there are multiple analog criteria contributing.
Without yet reading all the page, I'll also
note that we need consider such mechanisms
besides classic synaptic activity as the regulable
conductivity of connexons (gap junctions) and also
the regulable activity of astroglia, which function
dynamically WRT glutamine<>glutamate trans-amination
and transport-- a most robust mechanism entailed in
modulating predominant CNS excitatory activity.
Off the top of me coconut, refer to Barbara Barres at Yale,
and (Helmut?-I forget) Kettenmann at Max Planck, for studies
regarding this,
and also note that the expansion of discovery of neuromodulating
(over 200, and growing) includes, besides the neuropeptides, nucleic
and also classic neurotransmitters acting less 'locally' than at
plus, if we consider 2nd messenger signal transduction
state regulatory activity, both directly-acting toward membrane
and indirectly, toward nuclear expression (including microtubule
as well as actin cytoskeltal activities) plus the dynamic
regulations of such
short perseverant messengers as nitric oxide (NO)...
..well, we rapidly leave the notion  of logic gate models as
sufficing for
what neurons actually do.
> Currently that article is the basis for my
> view of consciousness and all that jazz. :')
> It's certainly in keeping with the Anthropic principle.

I'll get to the philosophic kernels later on-- just
noting the fast-and-easy neuro stuff, for the now
(I'm amidst a major editing all-nighter)
> And where do you primarily post?

Well, here on occasion, and also in alt.animals.felines,
as I'm a bit of the cat-happy sort, plus I pop in and out
of some computer nerdy noozgrupes, mostly to
learn tweaks and occasionally break chops WRT
political issues. (work avoidance ;~)
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