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maxwell mmmaxwell at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 25 12:30:00 EST 2001

RoyBoy <aphycho at usa.net> wrote in message
news:BqKZ6.115814$r7.15512715 at news1.busy1.on.home.com...
> >Oh THAT website LOL.
> Hehehe...BOC silly!  That site rulez!
> >Yes you are more than welcome and you
> >never did owe me LOL
> Oh ya...surrrrrrrrrrrre....
> >I too am curious about maxwell's response to it :)
> Gonna get me some popcorn,
> and a PhD to boot, just so I understand everything. :')

I hope once you understand everything, you'll be so
kind as to explain it to me.     ;~)

Response to the site, as noted, will be delayed, due to deadlines.
Meanwhile, though it may not be new to many here,
please note the neuro ring @ yahoo I posted url for,
repeated here for convenience:

as there are manymany pages linked to, some of very good content,
as well as some, er, others.


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