Brain-Mind: Know Thyself!

RoyBoy aphycho at usa.net
Mon Jun 25 12:32:45 EST 2001

Quickly though, just one easy one from the page:

"Are such protozoa more intelligent than neurons?

Unquestionably-- *neurons* are not very intelligent. ;~)

Well in one way I understand that...and another
way I disagree.  I mean, a neuron is large collection
of stuff...not sure on the processing power though.

But on the other hand, a protozoon has complex
behavior and is much bigger overall...I think, and is an
all in one system. :')

After all, a neuron is very small...and requires
to be part of a system to do much.

What is the size comparison between neuron
and a small protozoon?

However, a neuron is specialized...and is as
dumb and useless by itself, as a single cog
in a clock.

Hence, I have debated myself into agreement with ya.
I can be very persuasive. :'D

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