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> However, though Roy made one statement that was spot-on:
> "After all, a neuron is very small...and requires to be part of a
> system to do much."
> and one that was incorrect:
> "However, a neuron is specialized...and is as
> dumb and useless by itself, as a single cog
> in a clock."
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> Hehe well...if I hit .500 I'm pretty happy.

Not for neuro. 'sOkay. <g>

> How does the analogy defer from the correct statement?

Clockwork's gear is not a processor.
Just a conduit.
Even axon 'pipe' is more than conduit.

Single neuron has not only bigger instruction
set than the gizmo you're using to read this,
but has semi-autonomy; it maintains itself alive,
and 'relates' (broad use of word) to other cells.
It is more complex than most other cell
types (debatable whether neuroendocrine
cell is more or less-- depending on
level-of-consideration, and neuron type).

Remember all those modulating processes?
(might be time for some textbook
    phagocytosis    <g>

Also, single neuron, unlike clock gear,
is nearly never *essential*--
beaucoup redundancy.

Several more reasons why bad analogy;
previous over-suffice WRT granularity
of current discussion.

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