Brain-Mind: Know Thyself!

RoyBoy aphycho at usa.net
Mon Jun 25 16:00:06 EST 2001

Okay...granted the analogy sucks! :')

But does it give an accurate depiction of...
ummmmm...something...ahaha...let's see
here...oh ya...functionality by itself, disconnected
from its repective system?

> "However, a neuron is specialized...and is as
> dumb and useless by itself, as a single cog
> in a clock."

IE. Cog and neuron are both specialized
pieces of their systems, and by themselves do little.

That is all I wished to convey.
Still no good because of the neurons instuction set?

I mean even though it has that...
it uses only a small portion of the DNA...to
do what it does.  How small...beats the heck
out of me.

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