Are men really brain damaged at birth?

Jure Sah jure.sah at guest.arnes.si
Thu Jun 28 09:48:50 EST 2001

Dani wrote:
> It's a nice article for a little malebashing (my favorite
> new hobby), it's -very- suspicious to me. First, the author didn't bother
> with informing us about any studies that support the callosal brain sex
> dimorphism which he posits. No cites, no refs, I guess we'll just take his
> word for it.
> Moreover, the majority of studies that have been performed in the last 10 to
> 15 years have failed to find a difference between male and female corpus
> callosums.
> So, what do you guys think?

There is quite little diffirence between children of one sex and the
other, since (I think) there is no testosterone present in their bodies
by then (especialy not at birth, when moments before the testosterone
could pass in to the mother's body).

The only neural damage that could happen, would be caused by adrenaline.
It is neurotoxic and is surely more common with males than females. Atho
the reason isn't purely biological (but rather social).

On the other side, you have females that mostly keep a lifestyle that
isn't very friendly to the brain. Such a lifestyle is farly uncommon
with males.


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