Are men really brain damaged at birth?

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Fri Jun 29 08:46:17 EST 2001

"Marielle Fois" <im99_foa at nada.kth.se> skrev i melding
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> > How come ?
> > The male population is more intelligent gauss-wise than the female
> > population.
> I think this is a dangerous assumption. For what I know, these kinds
> of studies usually suggest the possibility that something like you
> wrote may be true, but they don't state it as a fact. In many
> occasions, the experiments they make are also of questionable
> relevance.

So, what do you think of the book "The Bell Curve" ??
It poses these facts, and no matter how one wishes to twist and turn, it
seems that we males are more developed, specially spatially.
But that might be misconstrued, because the female brain is more
'communicative' - that is; better word-wise; and here the neuro-fibers
in the corpus callosum makes the advantage for the females.
So in this case it's not a difference in IQ per se, but different USAGE.

> > Maybe it isn't brain-damage at all, but an improvement ?
> I don't think it is brain damage. But indeed, there are people with
> brain damage, or retarded people, that have developed extraordinary
> capabilities. (References: "The man who mistook his wife with for a
> hat" and "An anthropologist in Mars", of Oliver Sacks, and
> http://www.wismed.org/foundation/islands.htm)
> After having read the books I mention, and knowing of all the
> diversity in the skills we can develop, and how impressive and
> uncomparable they can be, studies of who are the most intelligent
> based on some iq test seem to me too much an oversimplification.
> This is only an opinion.

Of course it isn't brain-damage ;)
Maybe the one-dimensionality should be scraped, and a two or even
three-dimensionality be adapted in measurement.
What do you think ?


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