Are men really brain damaged at birth?

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> > > I have read a couple of articles that suggest this difference
> > > men and women. In reality, the difference was not between women
> > > men itself, but between individuals exposed to higher and lower
> > > levels of testosterone. In their studies, women that had been
> > > to higher levels of testosterone during their lifes seemed to
> > > better spacial skills. Thus, they proposed that men develop
> > > spacial skills because they are evidently exposed to higher
levels of
> > > testosterone than women are.
> >
> > I've read something similar.
> > But it is not just testosterone, but also estrogene.
> > I think that the level of these hormones are essential for the
> > of male and female babies.
> > One theory is that the sex is decided pretty much at the beginning
and that
> > the mothers body respond by raising/lowering the level of the
> > Sometimes the mechanism is interrupted and the child will develope
> > 'male' brain in a 'female' body - hence the idea of living in the
> > body.
> Could you give links to the theory you mention? Yesterday I read an
> interesting discussion titled "Does the Fetus Begin as Female?" at
>   http://research.umbc.edu/~korenman/wmst/fetus.html
> in which the topic of development of sex in fetusi is discussed.
> Marielle

Marielle-- the 'default' setting for fetal mammalian sex determination
is female.
One way in which this is proven is in the case of "androgen
receptor insensitivity."
This is where the cells' receptors for testosterone do not work.
If this occurs in an XX fetus, the growth is of a female body-type.
If this occurs in an XY fetus, the growth is of a female body-type,
but the gonads inside the abdomen are in fact testes.

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