Are men really brain damaged at birth?

Jim M mjames6587 at qwest.net
Sat Jun 30 01:59:29 EST 2001

> After having read the books I mention, and knowing of all the
> diversity in the skills we can develop, and how impressive and
> uncomparable they can be, studies of who are the most intelligent
> based on some iq test seem to me too much an oversimplification.
> This is only an opinion.

I think the jury is still out - WAY out - on even what exactly
"intelligence" really IS, much less how to measure it; the debate still
burns hotly in the psychological community.

Anyway, I wanted to add my two cents based on research I did back in 1993.
We were looking at the behavioral effects of corticosterone on rats, using a
12-arm radial maze and a Morris water maze. Previous physiological research
by Robert Sapolsky at Stanford had shown that injection schedules at a 7-day
duration of large doses of corticosterone (300m/cc) had led to significant
morphology of pyramidal cells in the CA-2 and CA-3 regions of the
hippocampus. We injected (with similar doses) for 30 days. The interesting
thing was, experimental females appeared to perform BETTER on the memory
tasks. Thinking there might be an interaction with estrogen, we replicated
the study but added sterilization into the population (thus, squaring the
MANOVA matrix and creating a rather cumbersome model). Unfortunately, due to
sloppy data-collection, sloppy lab techniques, and high mortality (due to
the afformentioned sloppiness), we had to scrap the project. I would like to
take another stab at the project, however, as I sensed that there was indeed
an interaction of sex-hormones with stress-hormones among the females. This
would make sense within an evolutionary perspective.


Jim McQuiggin

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he
hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however
measured or far away."
-Henry David Thoreau, Walden

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