A connaître absolument www.happyneuron.com

Brian zhil at online.no
Sat Jun 30 11:22:35 EST 2001

"Richard Norman" <rsnorman at mediaone.net> skrev i melding
news:iLk%6.10524$8O2.150968 at typhoon.mw.mediaone.net...
> > Venez faire un tour sur leur site en accès gratuit www.happyneuron.com
> >
> It looks like a very interesting site.  Unfortunately, my high school
> French is not quite up to the task.  Why are we Americans so
> illiterate in other languages?  Most other people in the world can
> function in several.

Then I'm lucky as I'm fluent in Norwegians, speaks and understand
Swedish, Danish, know a litle German and some words in Icelandic..
Ohhh, not to mention English as my second language.


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