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> Perhaps true Brian, I have heard of the reports but how then does one
> explain why so many leading scientists were in awe of him and they worked
> with him; daily?
> Yes, I know Einstein garnered ideas here there and everywhere, including
> brilliant Irish mathematician 19th c. Hamilton, but that's good science.

Yes, but he claimed it as his own.

> Why would all those scientists who were fleeced publicly and
> support a fraud?

Haven't you've ever been threatened ?

> I have seen other accounts by physicists saying Einstein was maths
> competent.

I've read other accounts that he didn't understand what he was doing, and
he was a mouth-piece for his paymasters.

> A moron may be able to plagiarise bits and pieces but not make sense of
> same.


> How does a moron convince so many people for so long that's he's a genius?
> That isn't just publicity, movie stars don't have to prove their worth in
> academia.

He WAS a media-star, nothing else.
And how do they get their fame ?
Money of course, and his backers were rich enough.....
The question of why is exactly what I want an answer to as well.

> In other words, the scientific establishment must be replete with gutless
> gullible idiots who were collectively conned by a moron. Hmmm, just as
> I resigned from the human race several years ago. If Einstein's fraud is
> true we're all in deep shit.

The physics will develope, with or without Einsteinian thoughts.
So we're not necessarily in deep shit.
As to why they supported them, who knows what went behind the scenes ?
All he needed was political support;to give them a genius, when he was no
And I guess money played a big role then as now <shrug>, maybe even more
so then (?)
Anyway, this theme has devolved from bionet.neuroscience to something else.
So which NG do you think this deserve to be placed ?
(I might predict something akin to alt.paranoid or alt.paranormal..........)


> John H.

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