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To Hammond.

Theophilus Samuels theophilus.samuels at btinternet.com
Sat May 19 07:55:24 EST 2001

Mr. Hammond, if you have time, answer and discuss please:

1. How does your theory take into account the 11-dimensional structure of
the universe proposed by M-theory (the second superstring revolution)? In
particular, which psychometric parameters are assigned to the spatial
dimensions rolled into a Jacobi manifold?

2. Penrose was suggesting that consciousness came from macroscopic quantum
coherence (i.e. an Bose-Einstein condensate) that might be present in the
'ordered water' of microtubules. To date, these condensates are only formed
at sub-zero temperatures, even Penrose admitted this was a problem with his
theory. Nevertheless, do you assume this is the case even though it is
backed up by no physical evidence?

3. You say 'gravity is the physical cause of brain growth'. If that is the
case, then why do we express chemical substances during development that
also cause growth? And, if gravity 'only' causes brain growth, then what is
in charge of making sure that correct synaptic connections are being made
during brain development (research: netrins, physiological cell death etc.);
any first year neuroscience student could answer this.

4. In your open letter to Penrose you state:
>causing brain growth?  First of all, it can't be Terrestrial Gravity.
>Terrestrial Gravity is too weak to cause this kind of a major curvature
>effect.  Secondly, Terrestrial Gravity is a CONSTANT and has been for
>billions of years.  On the other hand, brain growth is a VARIABLE which
>in fact has been accelerating in recent centuries according to the Secular
>Trend. This alone is sufficient to eliminate Terrestrial gravity as the
>origin of this curvature.
> This leads us immediately to the surmise that it must be
> QUANTUM GRAVITY in the BRAIN that is the only possible source of
>this (substantial) curvature of the Metric.  Immediately of course,
>we see Penrose's 1994 "Quantum Brain Gravity - Microtubule" theory
>as the natural explanation of this newly discovered and proven
>experimental result.
Why do you say 'What KIND of gravity is causing brain growth'? It makes one
wonder what the differences are between Terrestrial and Jovian gravity?!?
[For those of you wondering, it's only the strength of the gravitational
field that differs. Simply put, according to Einstein's General theory of
Relativity, he proposed that if acceleration bends space, and gravity is
identical to acceleration, then gravity bends space, thus the larger the
mass of an object the greater the curvature of the space-time continuum.] If
I am mistaken, then please correct me, but shouldn't quantum gravity be just
as constant??

5. Finally, when a man talks to God, we call it praying. When God talks back
to us, we call it schizophrenia. Why is this?


Brian <zhil at online.no> wrote in message
news:yWdN6.765$P7.19058 at news1.oke.nextra.no...
> "George Hammond" <ghammond at mediaone.net> skrev i melding
> news:3B0489A9.9A8F9333 at mediaone.net...
> > Brian wrote:
> > >
> > > Hello mr.Hammond,
> > > I read your thumb-nail article at your webpage, and I
> > > thought that you deserve an answer to your claim that God=Gravity.
> > > What is this ?
> > > Are you kidding here ???????
> >
> > [Hammond]
> > Credentials please?  I don't pay attention to amateur know it alls.
> Since I don't want to waste time scanning my credentials (which BTW has no
> significance here), you can get *this* (wiping my ass).
> I still think, even after reading the extended version of your text; that
> suck.
> MY theory; superior compared with yours; is that the neural network of the
> brain produces consciousness and sub-consciousness (which operates like a
> recorder).
> During sleep, the sub-consciousness 'rewinds' through dreams the days
> activities, and the result is stored in the long-time memory.
> So, NO God(s), only a mind working with machinelike precision.
> > snip
> >
> > > I sincerely hope that you don't think of me as a rude person.
> >
> > [Hammond]
> > I don't think about you period.
> After your pompous answer I think of you as a person with an extremely
> inflated ego.
> You need serious help.
> > --
> > BE SURE TO VISIT MY WEBSITE, BELOW: (have been there, and it is pure
> bullshit)
> > -----------------------------------------------------------
> > George Hammond, M.S. Physics (keep to physics, you're probably good at
> it).
> > Email:    ghammond at mediaone.net
> > Website:  http://people.ne.mediaone.net/ghammond/index.html
> > -----------------------------------------------------------

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