Seroquel & Kava Kava?

Robert Born t.h.x.1138 at web.de
Sun Sep 2 10:07:29 EST 2001

et_al at my-deja.com wrote in message news:<8ca3ptof8ohb46i6upmitcj1frtlsobuuu at 4ax.com>...
> On 28 Aug 2001 12:57:56 -0700, t.h.x.1138 at web.de (Robert Born) wrote:
> >I take Seroquel (0,0,300/400) for my chronic PTSD inducing a better
> >sleep and avoiding averse reactions from notorious stalking & mobbing
> >(mostly done by the CIA & their spyentology mob).
> >
> >I think that Kava Kava which aims mostly at the amygdala & other
> >lymbic structures might be a good additive.
> >I may take Kava Ratiopharm, when my Doc subscribe it tomorow, but I
> >have no clue how much I should take?
> >
> >Do you have experiences in those combinations?
> >
> Kava should not be used with any of the anti psychotics, sedatives
> sleeping pills, alcohol, benzodiazepines or Parkinsons disease meds.
> See: http://www.mayohealth.org/home?id=SA00039
> for other potentially dangerous drug-herb interactions.
> Ian
Thanks Ian, but since 4 days I take above mentioned doses of Seroquel,
together with (maybe?) 4-5 times higher doses of Kava-ratiopharm as
normal, about 10 times as normal doses of Vitamin E (300 or 400 IE),
supplemented with high doses of Esperitox.

And I feel great (!), ... still? :-/

As far as I know Kava works mostly on the so called
GABA-A -receptor-chlorid-ion-channel-complex,
IMHO this will not interfere with dopamine/serotonine-systems.

Yesterday I found one (out of 6) good MEDLINE- article about it.
Today it vanished. See my other posting on sci.med, ... etc.

> >Robert Born - http://born.online.de (terror, torture, mindcontrol,
> >organize state violence, extreme psychological terrorism, prolonged &
> >still persisting harrasment and trauma-intrussion provoking operative
> >games)

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