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alfons van leeuwenhorst all at burningmail.com
Mon Sep 3 07:05:17 EST 2001

Kevin Hoffman wrote:

> I am writing a sci-fi story that involves a hypothetical "procedure" that
> increases concentration and memory by some large factor (say 1000X).
> I would be very grateful for any information on:
> - what region of the brain controls concentration and memory
> - if there are any current, experimental procedures of this nature
> - a rough description of sample neurological disorders that affect
> memory/concentration.
> Thanks!
> Kevin
You might like this lead. When i was in Surinam (South America) I heard an 
indian story / legend about concentration enhancers being active in the 
sting of ants, especialy the fire-ant. Hunters make elaborate rituals in 
which the sting of the fire-ants is said to do exactly the thing, it 
increases your mental capabilities so you can succesfully hunt for animals 
in the tropical forest. If it's not true, it makes a wonderful story. The 
poison in the fire-ants sting has many substances. Who knows ...

There has been some investigation into this by somebody at the Utrecht 
University in the Netherlands - Cultural Anthropological department.

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