Wavelet answer: Re: question: job of a neuron

Justus Verhagen justus.verhagen at psy.ox.ac.uk
Mon Sep 3 09:18:47 EST 2001


On 2 Sep 2001 17:46:41 +0100, rcb5 at msn.com ("Ron Blue") wrote:

>> It is really not appropriate to ask what its "task" is.  That would be
>> like asking what the task of a particular "flip-flop" element in the
>> internal logic of CPU storage register is.
>The task of the CPU is store bits at particular memory map locations.
>The task of the neuron is to store holographic wavelet interference patterns
>at particular memory map brain locations formed by reciprocal associative
>weighted memory histories.  The correlational opponent processing results in
>a fuzzy creative self organization causing unexpected answers.
>>  Its task is to use its
>> biochemical and biochemical machinery to process information.  One
>> real difference between neurons and electronic computational elements
>> is that neurons tend to change their properties as a result of the
>> information processing they do -- they show plasticity.

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