Wavelet answer: Re: question: job of a neuron

Matt Jones jonesmat at physiology.wisc.edu
Mon Sep 3 14:00:33 EST 2001

rcb5 at msn.com ("Ron Blue") wrote in message news:<000401c133cb$d1da3200$67978141 at pavilion>...

> The task of the CPU is store bits at particular memory map locations.

The task of a -memory- (e.g., a RAM or a ROM) is store bits. The task
of a CPU is to retrieve and perform arithmetic operations on those

> The task of the neuron is to store holographic wavelet interference patterns
> at particular memory map brain locations formed by reciprocal associative
> weighted memory histories.  The correlational opponent processing results in
> a fuzzy creative self organization causing unexpected answers.

How can they be reciprocal if we're only talking about a single

How can there be interference patterns if were only talking about a
single neuron?

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