question: job of a neuron

Kalman Rubinson kr4 at nyu.edu
Mon Sep 3 20:03:41 EST 2001

On Mon, 03 Sep 2001 16:35:12 GMT, Richard  Norman
<rsnorman at mediaone.net> wrote:

>>Kal (who, with great bravado, presented the premise that neurons were
>>specialized endocrine cells at his comprehensives many decades ago. It
>>may have served to distract the committee from his other
>Sorry, this is a NEUROscience group.  The simple fact is that
>endocrine cells are specialized neurons!  The neurohypophysis and
>adrenal medulla started the trend and they went downhill from there.

Sure and that's why I used the audacious ploy; most of my department
committee consisted of endocrinologists rather than neuroscientists.
As I said, it distracted them.  


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