question: job of a neuron

Wolfram remove_this!helbrecht at gmx.net
Wed Sep 5 04:37:02 EST 2001

remove_this!helbrecht at gmx.net ("Wolfram") wrote:

Hello everybody involved in this thread,

first of all: Thanks for all the follow-ups!

To clear some of your questions and assumptions about the
background of my question and about me.

My personal background is a course of study in information science
(precisely information business with a base on information
science). Before that i did a year of informatics and three years
of information technics. So, i indeed have a technical background.
But i do not know much about neuroscience. When i went to school,
about ten years ago, i were very interested in discussions
subjecting the human brain. - That's all of my "neuroscientific"

During my studies of information science i recognized some
possibly invalid assumptions in the field. Indirectly, out of this
i came to the question what a single neuron - basically - would
do. I crawled the web with the known result. After that I posted
the question  here.

As an answer for the question i'd expected some of this kind:
"What is the job of a key?" - "It is to open a lock."

You can see, my native language is not English. So I apologize for
all wrong spelling and grammer mistakes.


best regards, 

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