question: job of a neuron

Wolfram remove_this!helbrecht at gmx.net
Wed Sep 5 04:37:04 EST 2001

> Boy, didn't -this- question become controversial all of a sudden!

> I see a lot of people don't think it's very meaningful to ask what a
> single neuron does, and draw the analogy with asking what a particular
> wire or electronic component does.

> Me, I think it's a perfectly reasonable question. For example, what
> does a wire do? It does the following (ideally):

That was exactly the kind of answer i was looking for. Thank you
very much!

> I think it makes perfect sense to ask about this. If we didn't -know-
> the answer to this question for a wire, how much success would we have
> figuring out how a toaster works? If we can't answer it for a neuron,
> how are we ever going to figure out how the -brain- works?

Yes, that was the background of my question.


best regards, 

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