Electrophysiology software

Bob Nienhuis nienhuis at wgn.net
Sun Sep 9 23:42:34 EST 2001

We have used CED's Spike 2 for a long time and like it. Accepts both
analog signals such as EEG as well as unit events. The hardware is a 
bit pricey however.

nienhuis at ucla.edu

bobbi wrote:
> I have been using Datawave's software, both workbench and discovery,
> for my electrophysiology and despise them both. There are too many
> reasons to get into here. I'm about to start a post-doc and have the
> chance to set up rig from scratch. So what are other people using and
> what packages have you heard good things about? All of my
> electrophysiology has been extracellular so far, single unit, evoked
> potential, and EEG. Is there a package that does a good job of these?
> What about linux resources?
> Thanks,
> Bobbi

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